ОМ drinking water – official partner of Chisinau Criterium


All the participants who took part in the autumn cycling can quench the thirst, because the OM Company became the official drinking water of Chisinau Criterium 2015 competitions.

Now the cyclists may not take water because OM will provide all the source of life to overcome the distance of 50 km and 15 km easily and vigorously.

OM is a unique, perfectly clean and a balanced drinking water, perfectly suitable for thirst quencher, and for tea, coffee and food, which significantly improves at the same time their taste. OM is extracted from spring wells, located in an ecologically clean area, away from roads, factories and human life. Coming out of the spring, the water passes through a unique high-tech equipment of the Italian company R.Bardi – world’s leading manufacturer of equipment for the manufacture of large reservoirs.

Due to this equipment, which fully meets all the European sanitary and technical standards, and is fully automated, which eliminates the risk of the human factor, the OM water is demineralizing in a special way. As the result, we obtain a perfectly balanced and clean drinking water.

Permanent monitoring of the physical, chemical and bacteriological parameters of the water is performed due to the two most modern laboratories, which are certified under the ISO17025 system. Rusnac MoldAqua Company is the single manufacturer in Moldova that has such laboratories. It permits to ensure absolutely the quality and safety of OM water.

OM drinking water is perfect for active people and for those who lead a healthy lifestyle and do sports.

Due to a special processing, OM water is recommended for children from the first days of life. OM can be used for cooking food for children, as well as use for daily consumption.

We are waiting for all on 11 October in Afgans Park. Register for cycling right now, because there is not much time until the start.

David Lutsyk for criterium.md