Application of the active chronometer system at Chisinau Criterium


On 11th of October will be held Chisinau Criterium large-scale cycling race, which will be applied the active timing system to calculate accurate results of athletes, who overcome the finish line, because the time is the main component of sports.

Earlier, the Sporter organization used passive timing system at the Chisinau Marathon. This year they acquired “Race Result” active chronometer system from Germany, which was applied for the first time in the Sea Mile swimming competitions in open water.

A passive system uses the starting gate, finish lines and electronic scoreboard. The result is recorded only at the finish.

Using the active system, each athlete is given an electronic chip to which is assigned the participant’s number. It is activated and becomes a transmitter, only entering the magnetic field of the system. Being in the area of the receiving and transmitting antenna, which is built into the mat, lying on the track at the start location, check points and at the finish, the chip sends a signal with its unique code. The signal is transmitted using a small transponder, which transmits a signal to receivers installed in the athlete’s path.

Due to this, intermediate results are registered not only at the finish line, but also in other control point. Then they are transmitted to a computer database.

When an athlete finishes the system quickly and accurately determines the result of each participant, defines “net” time. So, the system registers the personal results from the actual crossing of the start line until the finish.

In the case of the validation of distance passing the result of the athlete is reflected in the official final minutes. It is formed an online database with personal results of participants, which prepares the minutes for printing, prepares data for printing the diplomas with personal results of the participants to the competition.

Of course, the biggest advantage is that the system records the high speed that can not be done by passive system.

Now every athlete, who will participate in the Chisinau Criterium autumn cycling race, will be able to find the true time during which he overcame a distance of 50 km.

David Lutsyk for