EUROSPORT Company became a partner of Chisinau Criterium cycling race


EUROSPORT is the official distributor in Moldova of sush brands, as JOMA, VERDESCA, LEGEA, MACRON, JAKO, GIVOVA, ZEUS, FASHY.

EUROSPORT Company successfully cooperated with Olympic Committee of Moldova in 2015, supplying the sportsmen with the sport outfit by the Spanish company JOMA for the first European Games in Baku in 2015.

It has been working on the market for over 20 years now, successfully collaborates with many sports clubs and organizations in Moldova, such as the Ministry of Sport, Football Federation, Olympic Committee, the Sports Institute, Zimbru, Niagara, Energy, and various universities.

In 2015, EUROSPORT dressed all the participants of the first Marathon in Chisinau and now the company will reward racers of Chsinau Criterium with gifts by JOMA brand. And everyone will be able to choose and buy something for themselves and their families in the Sport Expo area, in the park “Afghans”.

By its activity, EUROSPORT is engaged in developing Moldovan sports, supplyig professional, sports outfits for all our athletes Thanks to them, the competitors perform in high-quality branded sportswear.

Do not miss the bicycle race Chisinau Criterium, which will be held on October 11 in the Park “Afghans”. Do not forget your bicycle and helmet. We start at 12:00!