Fitness Doza is the general sports partner of Chisinau Criterium


Fitness Doza has once again become the general sports partner of the event, organized by Sporter. Earlier, Fitness Doza team took part in Chisinau Marathon and Ghidighici Sea Mile, and now it is time for Chisinau Criterium cycling race 2015!

On the day of cycling, fitness instructors of the club will hold a hot workout for cyclists and all the people, present in the park “Afghans”. Before you ride your iron horse, you need to warm up the muscles of your legs and not only.

On the track of Criterium race, Fitness Doza staff will set the sportsmen cheerleading area, and team members with can-do-attitude will charge each participant with a dose of positive energy throughout the cycling race. At the finish line, beautiful cheerleaders of Fitness Doza club will meet each and everyone, delighting people with their hot dances! After all, the goal in the club’s life is HAPPINESS!

Fitness Doza team always supports professional sports and everything connected with it!

We are waiting for all the participants of Chisinau Criterium on October, 11, in the park “Afghans”. Don’t forget your bicycle and helmet. We start at 12:00!

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