In Chisinau finished large-scale cycling course Criterium 2016


Sunday, September 18, ended third cycling course Chisinau Criterium, in which participated 5000 people, conquered 32 and 48 km of the cycling course and 15 km course across Chisinau. The organizer of the competition was with support of

Long-awaited cycling Chisinau Criterium and mass course Velo Fun started in the Park “Afghans”, where thousands of people have enjoyed an excellent sports event. From early morning was opened area issuing starter packs to participants of cycling, also issue of 5000 T-shirts to participants free course Velo Fun.


During packages and presents issue to the participants of the cycling course, sports festival guests could familiarize with various sports products, sports nutrition and enjoy a delicious meal from partners of Chisinau Criterium on the sports fair.

Before starting the cycling course on 15, 32 and 48 km workout for all cyclists from the official fitness club MaxFitness was held. At 11:00 participants of the cycling course Velo Fun lined up on the start line according to instructions of marshals.


3…2…1…START! About 5000 cyclists simultaneously set in motion the wheels of their iron horses, and together drove across the Chisinau to promote sports and a healthy lifestyle. The column was escorted by marshals, police of Chisinau municipality and photographers, who captured the mass cycling course.


Next to the start lined up 175 cyclists of the 32 km course. At 11:30 started the second stage for riders on bicycles type roadway and MTB. In front of cycling leaders moved official vehicle Honda Civic Sedan, on which were set the clock.


Time limit for the distance of 32 km –  90 minutes (1 hour 30 minutes), during which the cyclists must ride 10 cycles on Moscow Boulevard.

First finishers and champions of the course for 32 km became:



  • 1 place – Rostislav Sevcenco
  • 2 place  – Damien Granie
  • 3 place – Artem Carabas


  • 1 place – Milana Sitnic
  • 2 place – Elena Aseeva
  • 3 place – Ekaterina Morgun

Road bike


  • 1 place – Sergei Rodin
  • 2 place – Evgenii Selivestrov
  • 3 place – Roman Rututa


  • 1 place – Ana Rodina
  • 2 place – Svetlana Zaicenko
  • 3 place – Ekaterina Papanaga

Cycling course ended on 13:00, and on the start already stood cyclers for the course of 48 km on road and MTB bikes. The organizers announced start, and across 175 cyclists began the real battle.

Limit of time for 48 km – 140 minutes (2 hours 20 minutes). Cyclists should pass 15 circles.

First finishers and champions of the course for 48 km became:



  • 1 place – Alexander Ostrovski
  • 2 place – Alexander Danilor
  • 3 place – Eduard Dovicenko

Road bike


  • 1 place – Andrey Vrabii
  • 2 place – Oleg Bimbas
  • 3 place – Andrey Sobennikov


  • 1 place – Victoria Bondarenco
  • 2 place – Ana Cazacu
  • 3 place – Alexandra Cirilova

Each cyclist had on its leg an electronic chip, which registered sportsmen’s speed and showed the results thru chronometric system Race Result.

All finishers on distance of 32 and 48 km got memorial medals, and absolute champions of course from male and female on distances of 32 and 48 km obtained winning cups, diplomas, money prizes and gifts from partners of cycling.


During cycling course, to organizer Chisinau Criterium helped about 150 volunteers, which we thank for their active support.  


A special thanks to the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Moldova for assistance in carrying out the event. And also thanks to the Chisinau City Hall, which helped to hold the event in such a great area as Riscani, namely in the park “Afghans”.