Let’s welcome “Ambassadors Chisinau Criterium”!


The civil society Sporter decided to establish the title “Sporter Ambassador”. The purpose of this award is to encourage those, who are naking an invaluable contribution to the organization of the sports event by Sporter brand.

The first Ambassadors were the experts, who were helping in organizing the swimming competition in open water Ghidighici Sea Mile.

Organization of Chisinau Criterium requires the help of experts in the fied of cycling. After all, the process of organization is not an easy one, and the participation of the best specialists in this field is indispensable.

A large and friendly team is woking on th eorganization of the competition.

For ther contibution to the organization of competition Chisinau Criterium 2015, the title “Ambassador Chisinau Criterium” is awarded to the following people:

Andrei Tchmil

  • International Master of Sports.
  • Director General of the National Agency for Sport.
  • The founder of the company, producing and selling Masterteh bicycles.

Alexander Oala

  • Head coach of Moldova national team in cycling

Arthur Sukhih

  • Amateur sportsman
  • Producer
  • Co-founder of BIS CONCERT

Yuri Ostashin

  • Professional athlete.
  • Winner and awardee of prestigious European thriatlons.

Victor Juncu

  • Winner and awardee of Mountain Bike competitions.
  • Founder of LAPMOL GIANT TEAM.
  • Organizer of Mountain Bike competitions.

Vadim Osmolets

  • Amateur sportsman


Vasily Belousov

  • Honored Master of Sports
  • Winner of the world race

Vitaly Bulat

  • Honored coach in cycling

Igor Maskalev

  • First in Moldova Honored Master of Sports
  • Winner of the world cycling race and international competitions

The organizing committee of Chisinau Criterium cycling competition shows you appreciacion for your participation and support, and hopes for further fruitful cooperation!