Oriflame Moldova is a partner of Chisinau Criterium


With Oriflame we believe in dreams, in the beauty and the people that manage to achieve their goals. We believe that sports is a source of inspiration, which disciplines us, makes us beautiful and helps maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Thus, sport is essential for the future leader, who wants others to admire his appearance and moral character. That is why we like the competition Chisinau Criterium and competitive spirit that You are promoting. We believe that regardless of the outcome, each participant is a winner thanks to the courage, ambition and perseverance, required for participation in Chisinau Criterium.


Therefore, we will give you the opportunity to experience the smell of victory in the unique flavor that will extend your enjoyment of the winner. Feel your win every time you use your favorite fragrance – “Excite Force” for him and “Miss Giordani” for her. The taste of victory is a dream gift for the winner. Oriflame helps your dreams become a reality!

Furthermore, this autumn Oriflame offers free delivery of their products to your address, because we are convinced that winners deserve special treatment.

We wish you good luck and remember that every participant of Chisinau Criterium is already a winner!