Cycle race Criterium 2016
Date: September 18
Start time: 11.30
Place: Chisinau, Moscovei bul.  (the entrance to the park Afghans)
Organizer: sports organization
Number of participants: 300 persons
Start/finish: the entrance to the park Afghans
Road bike – 32/48 km MTB – 32/48 km
Cycle race is held for:
– promoting healthy lifestyle;
– popularizing cycling among young people and adults;
– improving sports skills of participants;
-identifying the strongest participants in relevant categories;
– establishing friendly contacts between the sports fans.


1.1. The general management of the cycling  race shall be carried out by the sports organization

1.2. The winners are determined by electronic timing system and confirmed by the timekeepers.

1.3. The winners are the first three participants in the category of men and women, in each age group

1.4. The competition will take place in any weather.


2.1. The competition is open to the participants on all types of bicycles on road and MTB, owning cycling skills.

2.2 The competition is amateur in nature and is held in the following categories:

Road bicycle:

  • men, age 16 to 29
  • men, age 30 to 45
  • men, age 46+
  • women, age 16 to 29
  • women, age 30 to 45
  • women, age 46+

МТB bicycle:

  • men, age 16 to 29
  • men, age 30 to 45
  • men, age 46+
  • women, age 16 to 29
  • women, age 30 to 45
  • women, age 46+

2.3. The age of participants is determined as at 18.09.2016

2.4. Competitors are obliged to:

  • have an identity document;
  • comply with competition rules;
  • WEAR A  HELMET!(Obligatory for all);
  • comply with sporting and moral ethics;
  • have a technically sound bike with working brakes;
  • additional protective equipment is recommended: cycling gloves, glasses, etc.
  • pay the entry fee:

200 MDL – registration starting from June 2 to September 12

Registration for the bicycle race Criterium closes on September 12, 2016!

2.5. The participants are prohibited to:  

  • use during the competition sound reading devices (riding with headphones on is prohibited);
  • use outside help during the race and in case of repairing a bicycle;
  • change the bicycle during the race (it is permitted to replace parts and components, except for the frame);
  • use any ways and means that can may facilitate the passage of the distance (motor-wheel, electric bike, etc.);
  • change the approved route of the cycling race; prevent the movement of other vehicles;  
  • insult each other.

2.6. Registration

The participant must undergo pre-start registration in accordance with the regulations of the competitions held.

The participant is obliged to give an acknowledgement note of taking full responsibility for his life, health and property (the acknowledgement note form is issued together with the starter pack).

When going through the registration, the participant shall fill out the acknowledgement note on the responsibility.

Participants over the age of 16, but under 18 – are allowed to compete only with written permission from their parents.

Children of the age of 14 (born in 2002 or earlier) to 16 years: are allowed to race only with permission from their parents, and only if they are pupils of sports schools.

At registration, the participant receives a starting number with a chip, clamps for fixing the number (the number shall be mounted on the steering wheel in the middle) and a sticker with a number for the helmet.

In case the participant doesn’t make it to the distribution of starter packs, he is not allowed to take part in the race Criterium.

Participation in the race is allowed only if the participant has a participant’s number, and an active chip.


3.1. Participants must be dressed in a bright clothing, have numbers and identification marks of the cycling race participants, show turning signals with hands, be careful at intersections and respect the movement participants.

3.2. The bicycles must meet the technical requirements of the road traffic regulations:  

  •    serviceability of brakes;
  •    normal tire pressure;
  •    serviceability of the transmission, precise gear changes, no creak;

3.3. Participants are forbidden to drink alcohol, take drug and tobacco products during the  cycling.

3.4. Each participant must move uniformly in a straight line without any sudden movements.

3.5. Participants are not allowed to use the phone while driving, not equipped with a device enabling to talk without using the hands.

3.6. If the race leader is ahead of a participant by one lap, the participant must not impede the movement of the leader.


4.1. In case of failure, it is necessary to leave the roadway to a safe distance, and if possible eliminate the damage yourself.

4.2. Any repairs in the area of the cycling route are PROHIBITED during the cycling race. In the event of damage to the bicycle, the participant has no right to stand in the way of the column, to move against the motion of cycling, and is obliged to go away from the cycling race on the pavement to the right of the column movement.

4.3. In the case of falls and injuries, participant should seek medical help in the first escort car.


Competitions will be held on September 18, 2016

  •    09:00 – 11:30 – distribution of starter packs and participants numbers
  •    11:30 – opening speech by the President of the sports organization
  • 11:40 – warm up
  •    11:50 – alignment of the participants at the start line
  • 12:00 – Velo Fun start
  •    12:30 – start of the race Criterium
  • 13:00 – Velo fun finish
  • 14:00 – Criterium finish
  •    14:20 – 15:00 – winners awarding

Cycling race –  

The distance  48 km, that need to be overcome in 140 minutes.

The distance  32 km, that need to be overcome in 90 minutes.

Park “Afghans” – Moskovsky boulevard – Matei Basarab – turning point at Studencheskaya – Moskovsky boulevard – Matei Basarab – Miron Costin – Moskovsky boulevard – Park “Afghans” (1 lap – 3.2 km)

Velo Fun –

Total race distance – 15 km

Park “Afghans” – Miron Costin – Dimo – Aleko Russo – Kiev – Tudor Vladimirescu – Renasterii – Albisoara – Mihai Viteazul – Petricani – Calea Orheiului – Renasterii – Florilor – Student – Dimo – Miron Costin – Park “Afghans”