The participants of Criterium cycling race must sign a Declaration of responsibility

Attention dear cyclists!

All participants of the cycling race Criterium are required to sign a Declaration that your wish to take part in the cycling race is voluntary, and that you have familiarized yourselves with the rules of Chisinau Criterium.

At your own responsibility, you also state that:

  • – you have the appropriate physical, mental and technical training, and there are no diseases that pose a threat to your health condition during the event;
  • – you are aware that participating in this sporting event requires physical and psychological stamina
  • and other…

Thus, you release the organizers and partners from any responsibility for any problems with your health, which may arise during the competition, whether it is an injury, illness, death or other.

Each sportsman is fully responsible for the active chip, entrusted to him by the organizer at the start, and undertakes to return it immediately after the finish. For failure to return the chip or its loss the sportsmen is obliged to pay the cost of 50 euro.

The Declaration must be submitted to the organizers at the receipt of the starter pack on the day of Chisinau Criterium (11.10.2015). Registration starts at 10:00 in the park “Afghans”.

Declaration for filling can be downloaded here.