The Chisinau Criterium is looking for volunteers to help with the organization of sporting event in Moldova!

Are you fond of sports?
Do you like to learn and acquire new skills?
Are you an active, energetic and determined person, striving for perfection?
Then join us!

In order to register, you must follow the link, and we would be happy to welcome you in our team! We are open to the possibility of making new friends and we are very serious about our work. You are not only a volunteer for us, but also a friend and colleague. Together we can achieve great things!

Volunteer opportunities:

  • – check in runners and hand out starter packs
  • – set up the start/finish area, the Expo, The Memorial complex “Sons of the Native land – Eternal Memory” (Park of “Afghans”), as well as the whole course
  • – work in the start/finish area during the race
  • – manage feeding stations
  • – assist in maintaining storage area and changing rooms
  • – direct participants along the course
  • – hand out medals at the finish line
  • – award the winners
  • – provide security

All registered volunteers will be divided into groups responsible for each of these areas.

Volunteer Requirements:

  • – 18 years of age or older
  • – a strong sense of responsibility
  • – high performance
  • – ability to work well in a team
  • – interest in sports, cycling in particular

What benefits do you get as a volunteer of the Chisinau Criterium in terms of career opportunities?

  • – you become part of a professional team
  • – you gain valuable experience in managing a large-scale event
  • – you can include an additional activity in your resume and discover new career opportunities
  • – you learn to adapt and work in a big team
  • – you develop your communication skills
  • – you meet people with extensive experience in the sports industry

What are the personal benefits of volunteering for the Chisinau Criterium?

  • – you make friends with people who share your interests
  • – you learn to take responsibility for your actions
  • – you discover and develop your potential
  • – you see the smiles of athletes and feel their energy
  • – you develop your best personal qualities by helping others
  • – you feel appreciated and get the most out of your work
  • – you set a good example for your friends, peers, brothers, sisters, etc.
  • – you take a proactive approach to life, instead of going with the flow
  • – you feel more accomplished

What do you get in exchange for your contribution to the Chisinau Criterium?

  • – a certificate issued by the Moldavian Cycling Federation
  • In addition, the most active volunteers will be featured in articles on the websites Criterium.md, Sporter.md and Point.md!

After completing your registration process, you will be contacted by the organizers, who will explain everything in detail. All volunteers must attend the pre-race briefing and sign a waiver of liability.

Please remember that your contribution is very important! You can do more than you think !!!

Details at: +373 76769994